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 Poll Results

Question: What's the smallest amount you've ever charged to a credit card?
Responses   Votes   Percent
No less than $50    0    0%
No less than $20    1    12.5%
No less than $10    1    12.5%
No less than $5    1    12.5%
No less than $1    2    25%
Less than $1    3    37.5%

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06/09/2002 11:40 PM
   I once charged $0.32 at Ace Hardware for a nut and a bolt. Yes, the lady gave my strange looks, but ironically, I had used my last bit of change in the parking meter at Ace.
06/10/2002 08:50 AM
   I didn't know you could charge something that low on your credit card. OH WELL!
06/11/2002 07:04 AM
   Apparently you can. Someone told me that it's illegal to deny payment with a credit card, but I'm not sure that's true considering the scads of asian stores that have minimum charges.
06/11/2002 08:50 AM
   I would be embarrassed to change that low of an amount, btu if you needed that nut and bolt badly, then that's cool.

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