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Question: What should I do with my collection of socks with holes in them?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Keep using them until they fall apart.    1    12.5%
Darn them so you can keep using them.    0    0%
Darn them to heck and throw them away.    1    12.5%
Unravel them and use the string for various household crafts.    0    0%
Use them as rags around the house.    4    50%
Do something else (leave in comments)    2    25%

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big spender
06/24/2002 05:10 AM
   donate them for a tax deduction
06/24/2002 09:41 AM
   Hmmm, they were pretty cheap socks so I don't think they'd qualify.
06/24/2002 11:28 AM
   Maybe in the winter you could wear multiple pairs of socks. Assuming that one sock covers the whole of the other sock.
06/25/2002 10:43 AM
   That's a pretty good idea too. I can use it when I rollerblade for extra ankle padding too.
06/25/2002 03:26 PM
   You aren't going to do the Britney Spears thing and put a sock on your arm are you? (Superbowl 2001)
06/25/2002 04:25 PM
   throw them away!

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