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 Poll Results

Question: Should I pick up a copy of Dance Dance Revolution for my PlayStation?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Yes    8    88.8%
No    0    0%
Maybe    1    11.1%
What's that?    0    0%

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08/11/2002 09:26 PM
   Yeah baby!
08/12/2002 02:04 AM
   I love DDR!!!! I will have to definitely come visit you when you get it!
08/12/2002 02:04 AM
   If you get it, bring the game and the PS2 home with you and lets play it on my big TV.
08/12/2002 03:01 AM
   Ooh.. sounds like a deal! Also, Poyao is thinking of getting a copy himself, so we'll have two pads! yee ha!
08/13/2002 04:07 AM
   DDR rocks!!!! let's have a competition fil!
08/15/2002 06:49 PM
   boom boom dollar
08/21/2002 01:00 PM
   Ah, now this is a poll I have no hesitation answering. When will you get it, and what pad will you get?
08/22/2002 02:44 PM
   could be a good exercise for you!

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