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 Poll Results

Question: Do you know how to change a tire (like if you got a flat or something)?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Yes    5    55.5%
No, but I could figure it out.    3    33.3%
No.    1    11.1%

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09/12/2002 01:14 PM
   I would hope everyone knows how to change one in case of an emergency.
09/12/2002 02:14 PM
   My problem is that I don't pocess the physical strength to get those darn bolts off.
09/13/2002 02:56 AM
   Here's a tip, stand on the wrench to get it undone. Your arm strength may not be enough, but your whole body usually is.
09/13/2002 08:09 AM
   We tried that. 3 girls one wrench. This big black guy who was walking by ended up helping us instead. Once we got the bolts off we were good to go.
09/14/2002 02:01 AM
   Hmmm... those bolts were on way too tight. Most places use impact wrenches but tire/wheel enthusiasts will tell you to NEVER use them. They should be hand tightened with a torque wrench to the auto manufacturer's specification.

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