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 Poll Results

Question: What should I do about my extra intake?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Auction it on ebay.    1    25%
Sell it for $165 to a local buyer.    1    25%
Keep it.    0    0%
Return it.    2    50%

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09/25/2002 02:16 PM
   Why can't you return the first one that you bought at the store? Or did you open it up, etc.
09/25/2002 03:35 PM
   Because there will probably be significant restocking fees. I've seen between 15%-35% restocking fees for these auto part stores.
09/25/2002 03:37 PM
   Oh, and the two intakes are different colors and I want to keep the first one.
09/25/2002 04:18 PM
   20% off is nice, but I'm sure you will be able to find a deal just as good. Not that I know anything in particular, of course.
Ben I.
09/25/2002 08:19 PM
   Oh, there's restocking fees. Hmmm...change my vote from "return" to eBay.
09/25/2002 09:22 PM
   Actually, after market car parts rarely go on sale. RS2 already has good prices. They quoted me 299 for ceramic and 399 for stainless headers. Driver's Image quoted 325 for the ceramic. Again, after shipping it's about the same...
09/26/2002 11:10 AM
   Ben, I think you misunderstood. There is a restocking fee for returning the one Fil bought from the store, not the one he bought from the website. I think...
09/27/2002 04:09 PM
   they're both auto part stores, thus they would both have restocking fees.
09/30/2002 03:16 PM
   n/m p.s. you aren't selling anything i would want to buy.

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