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Question: I got a $50 parking ticket for parking in a student spot at Northwestern University. Should I pay it?
Responses   Votes   Percent
No, they won't bother you.    1    11.1%
Yes, they'll track you down like the regular police.    8    88.8%

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12/24/2002 07:01 AM
   I've heard of people ignoring their Northwestern tickets before, but I'd just pay the fine and buy some peace of mind.
12/24/2002 10:23 AM
   After having graduated from U of I 3 years ago they tracked me down on a supposed parking violation. But still, they tracked me down. If it were at some school you didn't attend (ie they have no record of you in any shape or form) then I would say don't
Ben I.
01/02/2003 00:38 AM
   Hey buddy! I wasn't sure what answer to pick, but Jenelle says they won't bother you, so she swayed my vote. :)
01/02/2003 01:53 PM
   You should do it...because it's the right thing to do!

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