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 Poll Results

Question: Do you walk around your place when you brush your teeth?
Responses   Votes   Percent
No, I stay firmly rooted in the bathroom.    7    77.7%
Sometimes I'll pace the bathroom and maybe wonder out a bit.    2    22.2%
Yeah, I tend to find other things to do while I'm brushing.    0    0%
I wouldn't know, I don't brush my teeth.    0    0%

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01/22/2003 01:04 AM
   I don't know about everyone else, but I get real foamy brushing and wouldn't want to risk any of it hitting the floor.
01/22/2003 10:59 AM
   I agree with Mike.
01/22/2003 12:43 PM
   That's what napkins and towels are for...
01/22/2003 06:15 PM
   why bother cleaning up? It adds grip to the flooring...
01/24/2003 01:49 AM
   No brave non-brushers, eh?

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