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 Poll Results

Question: What's your favorite Cap'n Crunch flavor?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Regular Cap'n Crunch    2    22.2%
Peanut Butter Crunch    3    33.3%
Crunch Berries    2    22.2%
Never had Cap'n Crunch    2    22.2%
What's Cap'n Crunch?    0    0%

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01/27/2003 00:26 AM
   The last two times I bought Cap'n Crunch, the Crunch Berry section was very depleted and the others barely touched! My fav is the Oops All Berries! variety...
01/27/2003 08:22 PM
   Man, it's been along time since I had any type of Cap'n Crunch.
01/28/2003 01:39 AM
   Yeah, the all berry variety would've been a nice choice. Peanut butter comes second after berries 'cuz regular gets too soggy. Did I ever mention that our family had a pasta maker before? All I remember is that using it was a lot of work.
01/28/2003 03:22 PM
   Yes, but not using it is even more work...

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