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 Poll Results

Question: Does the modem connection noise bother you?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Yes, I hate it!    2    28.5%
Sometimes it's annoying.    2    28.5%
I don't mind it at all    3    42.8%
I've never heard it.    0    0%
I don't know what you're talking about.    0    0%

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02/02/2003 08:10 PM
   like scratching a chalkboard.
02/03/2003 00:48 AM
   Fortunately, I haven't had to dial up in a while since getting DSL, but it did get annoying at times.
02/03/2003 01:47 PM
   For some reason it never bothred me at all... I found it interesting to note how 33.6 and 56k modems sounds different and make different noises compared to older modems...
02/03/2003 02:10 PM
   Just like Michael, I have DSL now so I don't connect with my modem.

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