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Question: Should I install my springs/shocks myself (with a friend), or pay $175 for a shop to do it?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Do it with your friend and save the money.    3    33.3%
It's a more difficult installation so just pay a professional.    6    66.6%

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02/12/2003 01:50 AM
   If you know what you are doing, then by all means do it yourself. I on the otherhand don't know squat about cars and would have it done professionally.
02/17/2003 01:39 PM
   don't get hurt in the process just b/c you wanna save a little cash.
02/17/2003 11:11 PM
   Actually, everyone tells me it's not that difficult...
02/18/2003 00:12 AM
   It may not be difficult but could be dangerous. If the spring compressor breaks or slips while compressing the spring, the spring could unload with a force of several thousand pounds. Anyone in the path of the flying parts could be severely injured.
02/18/2003 11:49 PM
   Er, not quite several thousand... maybe a few, but not several! Undoubtedly, DRIVING a car is statistically MUCH more dangerous.

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