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Question: I'm a groomsman in a wedding in 3 weeks. I haven't had a haircut in over 2 months. What should I do?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Get your hair cut now and then get it trimmed again before the wedding.    3    27.2%
Wait until the week before the wedding to get a haircut, then trim the day before.    2    18.1%
Get a haircut just before the trip    5    45.4%
Don't get a haircut    1    9%

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03/07/2003 11:06 PM
   i am in a similar situation only i want to get my hair professionally colored...now or later?
03/08/2003 10:18 AM
   Courtney--professionally colored? Are you serious?
03/08/2003 06:17 PM
   Man, I just need to cut my hair...
03/10/2003 12:07 PM
   Courtney, why do you want to get your hair colored? Fil, you look like Hewson now. Well, I don't know about now, but the last time I saw Hewson he had shaggy hair.
03/11/2003 01:09 PM
   You don't have time for a haircut. Now get back to work!
03/11/2003 01:51 PM
   Yes, I look like Hewson... but it's normal for me to go 2 months w/o a haircut (sometimes 3). It's getting annoying, but I guess I can wait another week...
Ben I.
03/12/2003 09:46 AM
   Just get a haircut before the trip. Most of the people won't even be looking at you. They'll be looking at me or Jenelle. :)
03/13/2003 10:57 AM
   But I'm such a looker! NOT

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