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 Poll Results

Question: If you take the last cup of coffee at work, do you make a new pot?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Yes, always    1    12.5%
Usually, sometimes I forget    0    0%
No, i'm a jerk    0    0%
I don't drink the coffee    7    87.5%

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04/15/2003 09:51 PM
   Man, not enough coffee drinkers... and, nope, I don't drink, either.
04/15/2003 10:53 PM
   Don't you people have jobs? oh... maybe not...
Ben I. (Recently married)
04/17/2003 08:57 AM
   There's a water cooler at work that I use frequently. If I empty that out, I put a new bottle in if there's one available.
04/21/2003 12:43 PM
   Those are interesting, the first time I had to change one I wasn't sure if there was something special other than just dumping the thing in the hole...
Ben I.
04/22/2003 08:49 AM
   I was the same way -- just peel off the little sticker on top of the bottle, then dump it in the cooler. There's a tiny plastic wedge in the bottle that prevents the water from coming out until it's in the cooler. Isn't technology great? :)
04/22/2003 12:41 PM
   I wish there was a water cooler in my office. You guys are lucky.
04/23/2003 11:20 PM
   Actually, until two years ago, there weren't stickers, you just take the entire top off. The wedge doesn't really do anything except make it easier to empty into the cooler w/o it spilling everywhere.

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