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 StaticX Grounding Kit

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The main theory behind grounding kits is that a properly grounded electrical system runs smoother and more efficiently b/c there is less noise in the system and electricity can flow more easily to your battery. Many people also believe that Japanese manufacturers skimp on the grounding compared to say German cars. Some people have reported faster engine response and smoother running, while others have noticed nothing, so there is some debate as to how useful this is, but then again, it can't hurt. I'll let you decide whether it's worth it for you or not.

I purchased the StaticX grounding kit from this imprezawrxsti.com forum topic. It comes with 5 or 7 varying length 4AWG cables, custom fitted for the STi. Each of these cables will be attached to different points on the front chassis, engine and battery to create a low resistence daisy chained ground path for the electrical system.

Tools needed:
Metric sockets: 10mm, 12mm and 14mm (maybe 13 too?)
Crescent wrenches in the same size for hard to reach/limited space nuts and bolts.

The first cable runs from the passenger side strut tower to the grounding point near the air filter.   

The second cable runs from the grounding point to nearest side of the intake manifold.   

The third cable runs from the intake manifold to the intercooler inlet. You may need to loosen the intercooler hose to get to this one.   

The fourth cable runs from the intercooler inlet to the other side of the intake manifold.   

The fifth cable runs from the intake manifold to a bolt connected to the alternator. Other people have used other points, here, for instance there is once connected to the engine block below the dipstick, but I found that one very difficult to access.   

The sixth cable runs from the alternator to the battery's negative terminal.   

The seventh cable runs from the battery's negative terminal to a grounding point on the driver side.

Note that different grounding kits may have a different number of cables and may recommend some different grounding points. Follow your manufacturers guidelines.

Total Time: 60-90 minutes depending on how easily you can get to some of the bolts.
Difficulty: Easy
Verdict: I have no idea. I'm not sure I can tell the difference, and I installed a UTEC at the same time, so who knows???


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