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 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STi Mods

This was the first car that I ever bought and owned completely on my own. Since this car is already performance tuned, my modification path will begin rather conservatively with basic functional and appearance related modifications first. Maybe in a year or so I will move on to suspension and performance improvements.

Please use the links below to view the different DIY instructions I have provided, or use the drop down lists at the bottom of each page to quickly jump to another page.

Enjoy! And check out my Accord DIYs and FXT DIYs too.
How To Buy An STi   Winter Tires and Wheels
Gorilla Security Lug Nuts
  Debadging   Mudflaps

Grounding Kit   Head Unit Installation
Subwoofer/Amp Installation
  Door Speaker Installation   Misc Subaru Diagrams

HVAC Light Changes   Intercooler Light Changes   Keyring Light Changes   Front/Rear Strut Bars

TurboXS UTEC   Changing Your Oil   TurboXS Short Ram Intake   TurboXS Turbo Back Exhaust

Whiteline Front Sway Bar and End Links   Whiteline Rear Sway Bar and End Links   Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings   Whiteline Rear Subframe Outrigger Bushings

Whiteline Subframe Locking Bolts            

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