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 Mediterranean Cruise 2008 - 10/04 - At Sea

Cruise Pictures

10/04 - At Sea
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On our way to Egypt, we were at Sea for over 36 hours which means an entire day on the ship, so here's a chance for me to ramble on about some other topics. Honestly, I don't really remember what we did with our time primarily because we slept in until 10.

Getting out of our room by 10:30, there weren't many optiosn so breakfast was pretty typical: hit the buffet, make a bacon and egg sandwich, grab some pastries and off we go to... um... sit around on the ship.

Actually no, we didn't sit around the ship. After breakfast around 11:30 we went back to our room and napped for a few hours, finally catching up on the sleep we'd lost the last few nights from traveling and jet lag. In the afternoon my sister and I played Wii. The Medusa Lounge on the ship has "Whatever Rooms" that you can reserve and simply hang out in, but if you want, they also offer Karaoke and Wii. My sister hadn't played a Wii yet so we played some Wii Sports for an hour or so then watched a movie before heading to dinner.

So while I've got time, here is how meals work on Norwegian Free-Style cruises.
  • There is always at least one restaurant open 24/7 so yes, you can eat at any time of the day. On the Jade, this is the Blue Lagoon which serves simple food like paninis, fish and chips, etc.
  • There are only two buffet restaurants, all others are sit down. Garden Cafe and The Great Outdoors are actually the same restaurant, except one of them has tables and the food bars outside. Any dress code is allowed.
  • There are five restaurants that are completely included in the cost of the cruise: Grand Pacific, Alizar, Blue Lagoon, Garden Cafe and The Great Outdoors
  • Grand Pacific is the designated formal restaurant and does not allow jeans or shorts after 5.
  • All non-buffet restaurants do not allow shorts after 5.
  • Specialty Restaurants have cover charges that range from $10-$25 per person. Specialty restaurants include, Paniolo Tex Mex, Paniolo Tapas, Jade Garden Asian fusion, Shabu-Shabu, Teppanyaki, The Sushi Bar, Cagney's Chicago Steakhouse, Papa's Italian Ristorante and Le Bistro French.
  • All specialty restaurants (except Sushi and Cagney's) have 2-for-1 early bird specials from 5:30pm-6:30pm when all cover charges are discounted 50%
  • Soft drinks, alcoholic drinks and certain special items cost extra.
10/04 pictures are here.
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Breakfast at the Great Outdoors again. This time my bacon and egg sandwich is made out of banana pancakes. The bear claw was hideous: tasteless, mushy and they must have left the sugar out of the filling by accident.   Dinner menu at the Grand Pacific which features Cooking Light healthy options and a dinner menu that changes daily. At dinner time, this is the only restaurant that does not allow jeans.   Chilled Avocado and Tomatillo Soup with Cilantro Marinated Shrimp - This was reminiscent of gazpacho and had an extremely mild flavor. At first we forgot what it was and thought it was melon soup. The bits of cheese on top did not have a pronounced flavor but added an additional creamy texture. At the bottom was a single shrimp. Not very memorable.

Braised Stone Fruits with Eastern Spices and Green Tea. What are Eastern Spices? I don't think these were braised (long slow moist covered cooking) so much as quickly simmered or baked in a dish. The spices and green tea were muted but the fruit was, well, fruit, albeit pretty ripe but still firm. A nice healthy option, but I wish it had been simmered in some Ouzo.   Tabouleh Salad - Parsley, Tomatoes, Bulgur, Onion, Mint Lemon. This was a pretty good Tabouleh, though a bit heavy on the bulgur and light on the tomatoes. Being in the Mediterranean the tomatoes could have shined but who knows where the ship gets it's produce. Overall, still pretty darn tasty and a good introduction to the dish for my mom.   Roasted Tomato Bisque with Herb Croutons and Balsamic Vinegar - More of a tomato soup than a bisque. I only had a taste, which was decently tomato but nothing special.   Baby Shrimp Cocktail with Iceberg Lettuce and Lemon. Is it possible to ruin shrimp cocktail? Most definitely. But this remarkably simple dish is consistently tasty on the ship. It's small so it's a good light starter and I like their cocktail sauce so over the course of the cruise, I ordered it 4 times.

Roasted Prime Rib of Beef with Horseradish Whipped Potatoes and Rosemary Jus - This rib roast (I doubt it was Prime) was excellent. I requested rare which is what I got; not so easy since most rib roasts are slow roasted until medium rare. The jus was tasty as were the potatoes, even though I couldn't taste the horseradish. We asked for horseradish sauce on the side and instead of the squeeze bottle mayo based horseradish I expected, we got ground horseradish with some tangy pickling spice which rivals my preference for fresh ground.   Spinach and Vidalia Onion Quiche with Tossed Field Greens and Tarragon Vinaigrette. Quiche is another thing that is more easily criticized for it's shortcomings than hailed for it's vision. This is another example of a well made quiche, nothing spectacular but a classic standard. This was a very tall quiche with good spinach flavor and a solid (figuratively) crust, though it would have been nice if it had been a touch flakier. I didn't try the salad.   Cheese Tortellini Primavera with Creamy Herb Sauce and Parmesan Cheese. Yet another dish that is easy to criticize but hard to shine and unfortunately, this dish screams frozen dinner. It's the same cheese tortellini and the same cream sauce that you'll get at any restaurant that serves more than 50 people at a time. The sprinkling of tomatoes and shaved parmesan are a plus, but in the end, it's still something you could make in a microwave at home.   8 Oz. Grilled Sirloin with French Fries and Peppercorn Sauce - Another classic standard, the sirloin is well prepared, the sauce is tasty and the fries actually taste like McDonald's (that's a compliment if you can't tell) except that they're not as crispy.

No Sugar Blackberry Cheesecake with Strawberry Compote. Hmmm, no sugar. You got it: it wasn't very good. This is essentially a Jell-O cheesecake without the sugar. Excessively gelatinous, milky instead of creamy, soggy crust. The strawberry was okay though.   Cooking Light Vanilla Caramel Flan with Blueberries and Mint. I like how they put two blueberries on it so that it would be plural. My mom expected something larger for 209 calories and ended up quite disappointed. She can make a better flan in about 15 minutes using Jell-O Egg Custard powder and instant coffee and sugar for the caramel sauce.   Vanilla Ice Cream with Butterscotch Sauce - This would have been decent if they had done two simple things. 1) Put the sauce on TOP of the ice cream and 2) not leave it sitting out for 10 minutes to melt before serving.   After dinner we caught the Lenny Windsor comedy show. He used to write for the Benny Hill show and is humorously irreverent, but it wasn't rolling in the seat laughing and he spent more time in the one hour show making fun of people coming in late than anything else. Good for a chuckle, but not enough for me to watch him again.


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