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 2008 Route 66 Road Trip - Day 2

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Route 66 Roadtrip Part 2
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Today we got up at 7 AM to get a good start on our long day of driving (859 miles, 12-13 hours). After a free hotel breakfast. Our first stop was Conoco Tower, just over the border in Shamrock, TX. It may not sound special, but you may recognize it as the tower that inspired Ramone's Body Shop in the Pixar movie, Cars.

The next point of interest was the giant cross in Groom, TX, which is claimed to be the largest cross in the Western Hemisphere (large than the one in Effingham, IL?).

After that was lunch at Dyer's in Amarillo, based on some Chowhound recs. Unfortunately, I was a tad dissappointed. The brisket was dry and not very flavorful: it had a pink line that may have been the smoke line, but it was no more than one millimeter from the surface. The beef ribs, which are award winning, were better with a little more flavor and and more smokey pink, but they weren't spectacular. The one redeeming item was the straight beef that was tender and very flavorful.

Luckily the barbecue sauce, served warm in a Coronita (mini Corona) bottle, was the right amount of sweet and tangy, though not particularly stand-out. The potato salad and creamy coleslaw were decent but the beans were only so-so and a bit bland despite a good amount of meat. For dessert, the homemade cherry cobbler a la mode was good, though subtle so my sister thought it was a bit boring. If you savored the cherry flavor you could get a good taste of fresh cherries, though I could see it being better if it were a bit more tart or had a few more cherries.

The next stop was Cadillac Ranch, a set of 10 early style Cadillacs (with fins) half buried nose first in the ground, supposedly at the same angle as the Cheops Pyramid in Egypt.

Next we stopped at The Bent Door Philips 66 in Adrian Texas at the midway point of Route 66. Despite it being bought and partially renovated a few years ago, the location remains closed and run down and their blog hasn't been updated since early 2007.

After passing into New Mexico and Mountain Time Zone, we stopped in Albequerque to grab a quick dinner at Mary & Tito's Café. We ordered a Carne Adovada Sopapilla, which is kind of like a gigantic empanada, with red chili sauce. We also ordered chicharrones, which are a type of fried pork skins.

The sopapilla (kind of like a fried tortilla) was filled with marinated pork and cheese. The pork was very tasty, especially mixed with the cheese. The spices were not as strong as I would have liked (compared to say, tacos al pastor at El Tapatio) but it had a good salty flavor that balanced well with the sopapilla. The addition of lettuce, tomatoes and chili sauce really brought it together. Unfortunately, I felt that the chile sauce, no doubt made from fresh real chilies, could have benefited from a touch of salt or even better, an acid such as lime juice.

The chicharrones were pretty tasty and much to my surprise, they were not crispy like cracklin. The pieces included both skin and some underlying meat and were fried, but not enough to be crispy. The result is meaty cubes up to 3/4". They were pleasantly salty but we felt that they'd be better with some of the red chili sauce. Indeed they were better, but again we felt it could have used some lime juice.

Next we headed toward Arizona. After being pulled over by a cop and given a verbal warning for passing him at high speed on the highway, we stopped at the 2nd Largest Route 66 Map Mural. By this time it was extremely dark at night so we attempted to light up the area with our headlights with limited success. My mom's Nikon Coolpix couldn't quite get it right, but my Canon XSi managed to turn out some halfway decent pics using the on-board flash and a fairly high-speed lens.

On our way back to the interstate, we discovered the Wigwam Motel, which has rooms shaped like tee pees and inspired the motel in Pixar's Cars. Each room also had a classic car parked in front, including a truck just like Tom Mater.

Finally, we drove the last hour to Flagstaff to spend the night.

Pictures are here.
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i think its the 2nd largest...at least when i looked it up online that's what they said...effingham's is bigger by about 8 feet.
Submitted by caroline on 01/09/2009 04:03 PM

Submitted by caroline on 01/09/2009 04:04 PM

minor typos
I believe it's Albuquerque, not Albequerque. Also, you seem to have "spray paing the Caddies" in the photo section. Nothing big.
Submitted by Dan on 01/12/2009 04:27 PM

For some reason I can never spell that city right... maybe it's cause of how bugs bunny said it whenever he took a wrong turn: al-buh-coy-key
Submitted by filbert on 01/15/2009 01:42 PM

The Bent Door
Despite our Web sight having problems, The Bent Door is still in a continuing state of repairs and the work does go on weekly. The inside has been receiving most of the work and I'm sorry that you haven't notified us to find out more. the grounds have receaved a major cleanup in the last few months. Ramona Kiewert
Submitted by Owner on 03/01/2009 00:38 AM

The Bent Door
Despite our Web sight having problems, The Bent Door is still in a continuing state of repairs and the work does go on weekly. The inside has been receiving most of the work and I'm sorry that you haven't notified us to find out more. The grounds have received a major cleanup in the last few months. Ramona Kiewert
Submitted by Owner on 03/01/2009 00:43 AM

Submitted by 1 on 11/03/2016 02:08 AM

Our first stop of the day was the Conoco Tower in Shamrock, Texas. If it looks familiar to you, it's becuase it inspired Ramone's Body Shop in Pixar's Cars.

Large Size (2400x1200, 381K)
Here's a large panorama of the whole station.   While waiting for my mom and sister a couple drove up in a Civic, placed this gnome on the Texas sculpture, took a picture and drove off.   Largest cross in the western hemisphere? So there's a larger one elsewhere?   Looks small to me...

Ok, it's pretty big.   We stopped at Dyer's for lunch in Amarillo, TX. I'm not sure what the significance of the horse is...   The dyer's combination plate with beef in front, brisket in the middle and ribs in back, along with onion rings, potato salad and cole slaw

Their BBQ sauce was sweet and tangy, served warm in a Coronita (mini Corona) bottle.   Texas Toast, over-buttered but so tasty!   Beans were a bit bland. They had a lot of meat chunks but were lacking in flavor.   I liked the cherry cobbler, though it could have use more cherries and been a bit more tart.

Large Size (2400x1200, 429K)
Cadillac Ranch! 10 winged Cadillacs buried nose first in the ground, supposedly at the same angle as the Cheops pyramid in Egypt

You're free to spray paing the Caddies, but is it really necessary to litter?   My sis poses in front of a Caddy that says "Jesus" and "Happy New 09 Year"   Caddies 1-2


Caddies 3-10

The Bent Door Midway Station, an old Philips 66 located at the center point of Route 66.   The sign marking the center point.   I'm not sure if this is a warning or what?   I tried to decipher this poem but it seems to be missing some words...

The old gas pump at the Midway Station   I thought this water tower was just starting to lean over until I saw this sign suggesting it's been that way for a long time... the leaning tower of Britten?   Texas wind power, courtesy of George W. Bush

Large Version (2400x1200, 390K)
Large Version (2400x1200, 285K)
Free 72 oz. steak and limo service... if you can finish it!   Some nice long stretches of road, dissappearing over the texas horizon.

Early dinner Mary & Tito's in Albequerque   Chicharrones, fried pork skin and fat.   Carne Adovada Sopapilla

Large Version (2400x1200, 390K)
Large Version (2400x1200, 390K)
Red Chili Sauce. Not as spicy as it looks.   Scenery in New Mexico

Large Version (2400x1200, 390K)
Large Version (2400x1200, 390K)
Scenery in Arizona   Wigwam Hotel!   Look it's Tom Mater!

Large Version (8,000 x 600, 1.3M)
Gimongous Version (12,000 x 900, 3.6M)
These teepees are actually rentable rooms. The Wigwam hotel chain inspired the Cone Motel in Pixar's Cars   The Second Largest Route 66 Mural in Holbrook, AZ. The small version has been wrapped to fit better but the large versions are full length panoramas. The mural is a good 100 feet long. The two bright yellow spots on the texas section are the headlights from our car. The right side, which is messed up by a missing door and a bush show Joliet, Chicago and Lake Michigan

Large Version (7,500 x 900, 1.5M)
Another mural showing part of Painted Desert National Park (the left most pictures didn't turn out).


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