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 2008 Route 66 Road Trip - Day 3

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Route 66 Roadtrip Part 3
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Day 3 of the trip had some difficulties. Leaving Flagstaff we headed to Williams, AZ for Pete's Route 66 Gas Station Museum. Before that, we stopped for our own gas where a mechanic pointed out that our right front tire was severely worn. I had checked that particular tire before the trip and estimated 10-20k more miles. Discovering that the tire was nearly bald was quite a surprise.

The mechanic offered to replace the tire for $269 plus tax. He graciously offered to waive any labor fees but a quick Google search of the exact tire model showed the tire cost $133 on-line. We thanked him and carefully drove back to Flagstaff for a AAA approved tire installer where they recommended two new tires, installation and an alignment for $389, a much more reasonable price. The result of the alignment showed that the right front toe was 5/32", 2.5 times over Volvo's maximum recommended value of 2/32" explaining the severe wear.

Two hours later, we were back on the road to Williams, AZ. Unfortunately a pending snow storm hit so we took pictures from the car and continued on to Kingman, AZ for lunch. Unfortunately, things didn't turn out so well there either.

I had three potential restaurants picked out for lunch in Kingman. One was closed on weekends and two were out of business, in addition to a fourth potential restaurant. Kingman seemed to be full of dead businesses and I was frustrated but we eventually settled on Silver Spoon Family Restaurant for lunch.

Our next stop was supposed to be Mojave National Preserve but due to the tire fiasco, we had to scrap those plans, in addition to plans to see the original McDonald's and a giant Route 66 coffee cup. Instead we set our sights on our destination in Anaheim, only to be hindered again by traffic after merging onto I-15. We finally arrived hours late and tired.

Pictures are here.
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Submitted by 1 on 03/11/2017 03:07 AM

Pete's Route 66 Gas Station Museum in Williams, AZ. It was snowing so we only did a driveby. Recognize the car in the right picture? It's a Hudson Hornet, a famous NASCAR racer and inspiration for Doc Hudson, in Pixar's Cars   It's hard to see, but we saw this train car, named the "Polar Express" in Williams.   Throughout the states we saw, many of them still use US Route 66 as the designation for the mother road.

Large Version (2400x1200, 592K)
Our next stop was Kingman, AZ for lunch, just before the California border and the Mojave desert (which has little food). Unfortunately, the three restaurants I wanted to find were all out of business. We did manage to snap these three interesting sights, though I have no idea what their significance is.   For lunch we stopped at one of the few restaurants left: Silver Spoon Famiy Diner. Here's there giant cinnamon bun.

Silver Spoon Diner is a Greek owned establishment so their simple garden salad was available with Greek dressing, though there was a bit too much making it quite sour. I had the homemade beef noodle soup which was tasty, but not very beefy. For entrees, my mom got the country fried steak which was a bit greasy, but had a smooth and tasty sawmill gravy. My meatloaf was pretty beefy and the beef gravy quite tasty. The potatoes seemed a bit gummy and probably would have skipped them without the gravy. The green beans stewed with tomatoes seemed canned, which I actually prefer.

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The apple pie was quite tall and had a good amount of juice, thickened with corn starch.The apples were still slightly crispy, and nicely tart without being overly sweet.   The Coconut Meringue was excellent. The generous meringue was light and fluggy, and nicely browned on top. The coconut custard was an actual custard, instead of gelatinous sugar. It was so good my mom ordered another one just for herself.   Back on the road.

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Some nice pics of the road as we left the snow storms in Arizona and approached the mountains in California

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Large Version (2400x1200, 304K)
Large Version (2400x1200, 350K)
Large Version (2400x1200, 338K)
Getting closer to the mountains.

The rest of the sodas. Avery's Sarsaparilla Root Beer, nice and smooth.   Lurch Birch was my first birch beer. It is similar to root beer but had a surprising extra flavor that lingered. The best description I can give it that it was minty.   The Olde Brooklyn birch beer wasn't as tasty as the Lurch Birch and didn't have as strong of a minty flavor.   Reed's Jamaican Style Ginger Brew had a mix of spices on top of the ginger that I didn't like. The bottle proclaimed 17g of real ginger and 15% real juice (including pineapple according to the ingredients). The flavor combinations just didn't cut it for me.

Maine Root Sarsaparilla beer had a more distinct flavor than the Avery's. Also similar to a standard root beer, this had an extra distinct rootiness that I liked.   Some pics from the plane shortly after taking off to head to work in Connecticut.

More pics from the plane.


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